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150 Sqm House Design With Pool

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150 Sqm House Design With Pool

Casa EA64 is a house located in the historic center of Mérida that seeks a dialogue between colonial and contemporary architecture. The patios being a true composition system making them their main element that configures the structural order, the interior and exterior visuals that leave the configuration of the building between them through its route. The variation in scale and the use of the existing bays helped us to access and capture light, as well as to manage the exterior space properly.

The sequences of spaces form a linear circulation towards the rear patio, running smoothly through the house, starting with a hallway and ending with a terrace facing the pool.

The composition on the floor intends to use all natural aspects in favor of functionality and spatial comfort. A study, hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms with bathrooms make up the architectural program.


Casa EA&64


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