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Bathroom Design With Shower Cabinet

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Bathroom Design With Shower Cabinet

Bathroom Design with a Breathtaking Walk-In Shower Cabinet. This design can fit En suite modern bedroom. Black and white with Golden Aluminum are the main dominant Colors that give contrast and Luxurious felling for the Design. Walk-In Shower Cabinet is mainly from Glasses and golden Aluminum. Lighting is a luxurious Ceiling chandelier installed in Ceiling gypsum. The Bathroom has blinds curtain for natural lighting yet with privacy.

This design is one of the latest designs, as the designer here cared about some details that added a lot to the beauty of the decor of this design. This bathroom is equipped with a beautiful and elegant glass shower cabinet, and a suitable place has been chosen for it, and the bathroom is provided with appropriate ventilation so that the user does not feel distress or suffocation, as the designer used some beautiful colors intertwined with each other, such as white and black color, and the two colors added a beautiful view that has a good effect On the eyes and the soul, as an innovative, funky basin was designed, and many tastes will be liked, and a suitable lighting system has been chosen and on the latest model.


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