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Big Modern Living Room Design

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Big Modern Living Room Design

Living rooms are considered one of the basic rooms in which all family members meet at all times today. They must always choose their decor entirely in colors, lighting or the field itself and suit all members of the family to provide comfort in the room and also it is a choice of everything in it after choosing the preferred type of design if it is Modern and classic in terms of: – The lighting that matches the room and the colors of the room paints as in the previous design. The modern decoration was chosen and the black and gray colors were chosen, due to the most important factor before the selection, which is the room area if it is large and some were used for wooden decorations In the wall and in the decorations used and was also used in the ceiling of the rooms with the use of carpets in harmony with the room and the decorations and antiques used bear the same details of colors and designs



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