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Classic Bedroom Decor Idea

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Classic Bedroom Decor Idea

The room has a wonderful and luxurious classic design and it consists of three colours and they are white and golden and light pistachios in all its details we will start with the white bed decorated with a golden colour and upholstered in light pistachio colour which is on both sides of the two commodes that mix in white and The colour is also brown and golden, and they carry two lampshades above them, white and inlaid with the golden colour, and the back wall of the bed is a white wall decorated with the colour of the pistachio and it has a lot of golden motifs. The bed closet is of the same colours N and TV topped installed on the wall and the left of the bed there is also gathered three explicitly colours so that all the curtains at the University of the room between the three colours, and do not forget the ceiling decorated with works of gypsum and gold inscriptions and floor consisting of boxes appear beige


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