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Classic Ceiling Design For Bedroom Decor

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Classic Ceiling Design For Bedroom Decor

A bedroom in a distinctive classic style where all the walls of this room and even the ceiling appear in a dark grey colour with touches and engravings of golden colour. This room contains an upholstered bed in light grey and on both sides of the two commodes are also grey and at the end of the bed and upholstered chair appears In grey and we see on the right of the bed and artistic panel of frames, two of which contain a curtain in pink and white on both sides and in the middle a frame that contains an artistic panel of roses that increases the luxury of the room and we also see two chairs whose colour is a white complaint about a seating area and to the left of the bed We find a rest appears Gray and have a chair upholstered in pink as a colour curtain and do not forget the floor designed multi-grade parquet


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