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Grey and Blue Living Room Design

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Grey and Blue Living Room Design

The living room decor was used in a design that combines the simplicity of modern decoration in terms of simplicity in the colors to use blue and gray as more than the neutral colors common in the living rooms and not using more than two colors in all designs to do if they are in the curtains or in antiques using also the carpet that I collected the same two colors and simple glass tables and also in the same board, which makes it look bigger and simpler, also using the same two colors to decorate the wall and also enabled in painting the wall and extending the rest of the white balloon paint with the gypsum that was used to combine the de The classic ball also uses the chandeliers that are also used in classic décor, and ultimately in the end the living room is illustrated by a mixture of classic and modern décor to give the coordinated final look that the designer wanted to have in the same image.



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