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Grey And White Classic Bedroom Design

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Grey And White Classic Bedroom Design

Bedroom of classic style contains a white bed decorated with wonderful golden carvings and upholstered in light petroleum colour and on both sides a white Commode decorated with a golden colour and at the end of the bed we find a white chair upholstered in the same colour of the bed and to the left of the bed we see a white comfort embellished in golden and on On the other side, a room that has a door of mirrors is anchored in the front of the bed, there is a white cupboard like the library and above the TV is installed on the wall and we note that the walls of this room are full of frames and wonderful gypsum works and wallpaper, especially in the back of the bed that has a distinct design surrounding Wall mirror and see in the ceiling of the chandelier and crystal golden colour and wonderful floor of parquet


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