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Gypsum Board Decoration Design

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Gypsum Board Decoration Design

Gypsum decorations can be used for ceilings anywhere in the house, even bathrooms, but it is preferable to place them in prominent places such as living rooms as in this design and dining rooms and councils, but it depends on the size of the house and the taste that you adopt in your home. Before choosing suitable gypsum ceilings for the home, you must first decide on the style that is appropriate for your home in general, for example if the furniture in general tends to the modern “modern”, then the gypsum ceilings that contain layers and have lighting lights “Spot” are most appropriate with the modern shape, and not It is necessary not only to be placed on the ceiling, but also can be placed on the sides of the walls. But you need to know if this room will be used on a daily basis or not especially for proper lighting.


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