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Gypsum Board Decoration Idea For Majlis

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Gypsum Board Decoration Idea For Majlis

This design is one of the modern designs of councils and is very much contemporary, and the most prominent thing that distinguishes this design is the gypsum boards in the ceiling, they come in a discontinuous design, which is not connected, they are divided into parts next to each of them and it is a modern and wonderful idea, and between these parts there is a house for the light, and these panels They come in the form of wooden panels like walls. As for the rest of the board, the designer used the white colors for the sofas and the blue for the pillows, as well as for the pillows, so he used both white and blue as well. As for the walls, some are in white, others are gray and some are wooden. Ratio tables are glass and the wooden legs, as the designer lamp on the wall by adding a modern design and wonderful to give this contemporary character design.


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