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Gypsum Board Wall And Ceiling Design

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Gypsum Board Wall And Ceiling Design

The classic or modern style can be adopted in the halls in case the ceiling decoration was busy, as long as achieving gypsum decor was desirable in the field of houses, as gypsum is one of the most decorative elements on your own, and it adds aesthetic and luxury to the space where it is used.
With gypsum board, coordination between the ceiling and the walls does not appear to be possible. If the roof is covered with paint, you can choose any wall design. You can extend the panels with gypsum paint in any color. In the middle, cover the wall with plaster, board, paint, stone, wood, or ceramics, or fix the panels to it. It is advised to leave a distance between the main wall and gypsum to enter the hidden lighting, which shines its light on the wall in the middle.



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