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Gypsum Ceiling and Wall Decor Idea For Majlis

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Gypsum Ceiling and Wall Decor Idea For Majlis

It is one of the classic luxury boards, and what distinguishes it is the design of gypsum ceiling and walls, if we look on the walls we will find in every corner works and drawings of gypsum, as well as for the suspended ceiling in which there is gypsum in the form of boxes and houses of light, but as for the rest of the parts of this council take The classical character is also luxurious, beginning with the stairs that are at the beginning of the board, which are wooden stairs, and the designer used a light beige color on the sofas and chairs of this board, as well as for the curtains, they also come in beige color, as I was interested in placing a group of flowers and plants throughout the council to give him calm Recreation, but for the floor it is also wooden.


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