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Gypsum Ceiling and Wall Decoration Idea

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Gypsum Ceiling and Wall Decoration Idea

Neo Classic Reception / Visualization , Distribution Of Furniture and Colors by Nada Shehab
ِِAssigned by : kareem Hashim
Located in Egypt 
Year 2019
Used : 3dmax . photoshop
Gypsum Ceiling and Wall Decoration Idea by Nada Shehab. Neo Classic Living Room Design with 3D gypsum design with spotlights and centralized modern hanging Chandelier . The ceiling has hidden curtain box for slide curtains. Wall Gypsum Design has Window pattern, it is decorated with Wall Sconces centralized by the TV and The TV cabinet side by side with plant Pots. The wall has some Columns covered by wood materials centralized by copal modern mirror. The Living Room has Dinging Area.


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