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Gypsum Ceiling Design For Dining Room

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Gypsum Ceiling Design For Dining Room

In the previous design, it is an elegant design for a dining room with a classic modern decor distinguished by luxury and sophistication, and the previous design was taken care of with all the details, choosing the dining room furniture in golden color, choosing the color of the fabrics that cover the chairs, the blue balloon that matches the color of the curtains, and also the choice of the white balloon wall and the designs and designs of gypsum To decorate the walls of the house, use a number of lamps suspended in the ceilings, distributed evenly between B throughout the room, and make decor from the ceilings of gypsum and distributed lighting in the form of small size spots and also the presence of a luxurious and large chandelier with a number of lamps Which lights the dining table directly and adds joy and luxury to the room.


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