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Gypsum Decoration For Oriantal Majlis

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Gypsum Decoration For Oriantal Majlis

It is from the eastern councils of Arab style, and the most prominent thing found in this design is the decoration of gypsum that exists either on the walls or on the ceiling, this decoration reflects the Arab-Islamic style, and the designer here has introduced a group of colors that are compatible together. For example, the ceiling plaster is found in brown Also dark to the black color also, as for plaster of walls, it comes in light beige which is the color of the walls and curtains, as for sofas and chairs it is also in light brown and ornate, and the dark red color for the chairs, there are also on these sofas a group of blue pillows, As for the tables, they are found in dark brown color, and this board has many lights, whether it is crystal chandeliers or wall-mounted lamps.


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