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Kids Room Decor Idea

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Kids Room Decor Idea

A modern small children’s room suitable for pet-lover families. The lighting is integrated between the chandeliers with warm lighting in the form of clouds and white spotlights installed on the ceiling, with large window lighting that gives a sense of roominess with white roll-on curtains that are easy to use. Room colors are light white, turquoise, and light gray. The furniture consists of a bed inspired by the idea of ​​a tree house as part of a built-in wardrobe, a simple wall-mounted desk to save space and a funky white mesh chair with a Shannon and a moving cabinet with drawers for easy movement. The rug is of a knitted material to suit the uses of children as well as bean bag. With a beanbag dedicated to your pet and decorative pieces of transparent curtains in the form of a simple tent to add the spirit of nature to children.



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