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Little Islamic Maglis Design

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Little Islamic Maglis Design

The Islamic style is characterized by many ideas, details, ornamentation and sharp colors as well, and in this design these details were dealt with extensively in this council that was designed in the Islamic style, where the design contains a sofa that combines dark blue and dark brown colors as well, in addition to the table that shows and clarifies The beauty of the Islamic style and its distinction in it, just as the brushes are derived from the Islamic style as well, and there are two small tables and there are cups for drinking Arabic tea, in addition to the holder of the book of God “The Holy Quran”, as for the walls, he took care of the Islamic decoration on They use gypsum, and the curtains come in brown and gold colors as well. As for the plaster of the ceiling it is also dark brown in color and contains a lot of Islamic style decoration as well.



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