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Majlis Gypsum Board Decoration Idea

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Majlis Gypsum Board Decoration Idea

This design is one of the big designs for boards and luxury also, as this board contains a set of details that give the character of luxury and the most prominent is gypsum and suspended ceilings, where the council contains a group of gypsum columns that decorate it embroidered in brown, and for the suspended ceiling comes in a design Modern and very elegant, in the appointment of a group of houses of light and combines white and brown, as for sofas and chairs, they are found in light beige and dark red and are streamlined colors, while for tables they come in white and golden embroidery, as for Vitez floor, this board has a marble floor, and there is a group of light bulbs installed on almost all walls, in addition to the luxurious crystal chandeliers. Done


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