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Moroccan Majlis Interior Design Idea

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Moroccan Majlis Interior Design Idea

When mentioning the word Moroccan style, the first thing that comes to mind is the inscriptions and motifs, because the Moroccan style was influenced a lot by the Islamic style, and this is what we see in this design of a Moroccan-style council, because the walls contain a set of decorations and patterns and are found inside the dome of plaster in every One of the pillars of the council, and the colors prevailing in this council are light blue in these patterns or in the pillows and dark blue in the sofas and some accessories, while the tables are made of dark wood, and the color of the walls and the ceiling is white, and this gypsum ceiling does not contain many details Or inscriptions, but pence As for Najaf lighting, lamps on the walls also come dark on Moroccan wood.


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