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Moroccan Majlis Interior Design

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Moroccan Majlis Interior Design

We also know that the Moroccan style has been influenced a lot by the Arab Islamic style, meaning that the Moroccan style contains a lot of colors, patterns and motifs like the Islamic style as well, and this is what we notice in this design of a Moroccan council, as the walls contain inscriptions and motifs in almost all corners and come in the form of A dome of gypsum, and inside there are houses of light that give it an aesthetic touch, and these walls come in a light beige color which is the color of sofas that combine the dark wood color with beige as well, and the beige color is the color of the ground and the curtains as well, which contains a little decoration and inscriptionsAs for the tables, they come in dark wood color as well, while the floor brush comes in red, which is in line with the sofa cushions.




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