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Small Bathroom Design

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Small Bathroom Design

Cozy yet expressive

For men, harmony often comes from simplicity. They also tend to value durability. This design is inspired by our friend, a hardworking bachelor. He’s a great guy. Our vision fills the limited space of this apartment with stylish yet simple solutions, aimed to upgrade and optimize. Ease to obtain and preserve in desired shape, the overall everyday functionality, ability to find both shelter and a stimulating creative environment, to both express and contemplate – are all hallmarks of this design. However soothing and cozy, we find it at the same time calmly inspiring to greater performance, creativity and self discipline.

Set in a typical studio apartment in Warsaw, Poland, 2016/2017, ca. 35 m2 / 370 feet.

“Rocky” poster – Andrzej Pągowski, 1977, Polish School of Posters
“Solaris” poster – Andrzej Bertrandt, 1972
INTERIOR DESIGN : Studio Zapraszam & Michał Kaczanowski


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